Who are we?


Since you are here now, dear reader, and I have reached this page at the bottom of the site, which I think does not appear to everyone, I think you are interested in this site. I want to tell you first, thank you for the interest and that you are in the right place from which you will benefit a lot of interesting and valuable information in the technical field.
Let me now introduce myself to you in detail :

Who am I?:

My name is Sam I am 25 years old from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a technical deblum specializing in information networks. I love blogging, creating educational videos and providing useful information to everyone who follows me to make it easier for them to search because I know that the Arabic web is full of thousands of information, but it is difficult Blogging first started on this site on October 23, 2019. I have a lot of experience in the field of information and technology, especially in the operating systems of Coindo's and Linux, on the one hand, and on the other hand, in the field of protection and cybersecurity - Facebook - YouTube - websites - profit and freelance online - editing - Photoshop. But the thing I like most is blogging in this technical blog and creating video tutorials.
You can contact us on the contact page at the bottom of the site or through the Facebook page on the site or you can ask your technical questions in the direct decision that we will start soon, God willing, and you can contact me directly online and I will be happy to interact with you and help you.
The main purpose of this new blog is to publish professional articles of high quality and have the valuable information you need and help you in your life related to the technical field (SIO - YouTube - websites - profit areas - the latest technical news - Blogger - data development - life tips - e-marketing... Neutrally and objectively and away from false information transmitted by other sites.

Comments on the site:

Our main goal of this blog is to satisfy its followers, and in turn we also expect him to satisfy us by communicating in the comments and expressing your opinion and criticisms on the topics that are published. The comments you write are not responsible for. We are Saudi Tech, such as offensive comments to a party or a particular site. All your meaningful and dialogue questions will be interacted and answered.

Photos and topics:

Ψ§The photos that are published on the site are photos of our own design or images without rights from the help sites and the topics presented will be exclusive topics that we write through our experience in the field and will be somewhat long for visitors to benefit from the information we provide completely without having to get lost among thousands of sites that do not offer anything new in the field. Please do not take or transfer topics from our site without studying the source and the link to the article guided the topics and images in line with our privacy policy to make everything that our blog offers new, exclusive and useful.

Alerts and suggestions:

The site without visitors and without continuous interaction is not worth anything. We are here to serve you and ensure that you provide information of interest to you because if you have any suggestions, comments or questions, welcome because we always strive to provide the best and excellence. 

The vision :

SaudiTech aspires to become the leader in the field of technology and the No. 1 reference in the Arab web in this field and provide high-quality data information and exclusive content to achieve the desired visitors and provide the best new and appropriate technical solutions and consultations to contribute to adding more success to their success. We are always our motto "Continuous learning is the basis of success and"