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The blog provides the ability to comment on the content posted in it. You and all users have the right to participate in the comment, provided that you do not post any content that could be harmful, illegal, defamatory, offensive, offensive, incited, dirty, harassing or the like.

You are solely responsible for the comments you share.

The intellectual property rights to the comments remain registered for you. However, the owner of the blog has the right to reuse the comments in any activity related to the blog without the need to request prior permission from the commenter, provided that he mentions the name of the commenter and does not modify the comment in a way that leads to misrepresentation in its meaning.

To comment on the blog it is preferable to mention your personal name. You can use an alias, but no person or entity is allowed to impersonate.

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You must not modify or adapt the Blog and do not use it illegally or in any other ways that may harm or disrupt the Blog.

The blog collects some of your data, such as browser type, operating system, IP number etc. The goal of collecting this data is to improve the level of service. The blog has the right to share this data with a third party without linking this data to your personal identity.

This Agreement may change from time to time as I deem appropriate for the purpose of the Code, so please review and comply with it.


Publishing product or service advertisements and advertising links does not imply recommend them, nor do I provide any quality guarantees about them.

I present in the blog reviews of the services of sites and institutions. These reviews may be paid and may be free and others may use affiliate links that allow me to charge a certain commission if you sign up or buy from that link. I write down these reviews based on information I get from the marketing managers of these sites and organizations, from private experience or through general information, from which I do not give you any special guarantees regarding the quality of products or services.

I also present posts that carry a curriculum vitae of people, based on correspondence or interviews between us, and although I will review the certificates and documents showing the level and competencies, I do not guarantee their validity 100%, so any fallacies are the responsibility of their owners.

We are not responsible for damages that may result from the improper application of certain explanations.