‏foldable iPhone

After more than 200 days of trial and error, an engineer successfully created a foldable iPhone. He explains this arduous process in a YouTube video.

A Chinese engineer’s YouTube channel is trying to explain the complex process he went through to develop his first foldable iPhone. Although the result can be improved, it has the advantage of showing the challenges facing manufacturers offering this type of product.

foldable iPhone

This iconic Chinese engineer had the idea of taking as many components as possible from the iPhone and incorporating the foldable smartphone chassis. He had to set his sights on several iPhones to revive the project.

Regarding the hinge, the foldable smartphone Motorola Razr was chosen, because it has a relatively unclear crease.

One of the biggest challenges of this achievement called the “iPhone V” was keeping a maximum of the original ingredients within the final product.

Then he had to find a screen flexible enough to bend, while retaining the touch function of the iPhone. Its creator shows how he dismantled dozens of screens before achieving the desired result.


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